WATCH: Netanyahu Just SHOOK THE WORLD TO IT’S CORE With THIS 2-Minute Speech

According to other countries, having the Israelis in control of the lands shared by them and Palestine is not conducive to peace, but Prime Minister Netanyahu proves this untrue.

In Israel, the Jewish and the Arab people live in peace. Muslims are free to be who they are there, and so are the Jews. However, with a Palestinian state, all the Jews would be thrown out as part of an “ethnic cleansing.”

Ethnic cleansing is defined, as per Netanyahu, as a mass expulsion or, in extreme cases, killing of members of an unwanted religion or demographic from a society. And this is exactly what the Palestinians want.

With the state of Israel, it is accepting of all types of people. While the Obama administration refuses to admit to it, there can be peace and democracy within a Jewish state.

The Jewish people know how it feels to be exiled from places—they are a demographic that has been expelled from many countries, and now even their homeland is being threatened. This is something that is unacceptable.

The Jews have been driven out and killed by the Nazis, by the Russians, and in the Middle East. This has been happening since biblical times, and frankly, it needs to end. And Obama chose to let this persecution happen again.

Why does the United Nations think that Jewish control would not be peaceful? It seems that the Palestinian vision of their control is far less peaceful because they don’t want any Jews in their lands at all whereas the Jewish people accept people who differ in religious views.

Obama just wants the Muslim people to have all the best things in life, and he seems to have an agenda to make the entire world Muslim! He broke a promise to the Jewish prime minister, who was his ally, and left him up the creek without a paddle.

The United Nations is basically saying it is okay to ethnically cleanse the historic homeland of the Jewish people and once again say that they cannot live somewhere. How is this not more upsetting to the world? READ MORE Or WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW