VIA| Trump as a special guest on his show on Wednesday.  Trump was asked by Kimmel, “How many books have you written?” Trump responded, “About 12.”  Kimmel told Trump that he has, “ghost-written a book that I put your name on.”Kimmel then presented Trump with a new children’s book — spoofing Dr. Seuss — in which Trump was the main character.It’s title? Winners Aren’t Losers.The book reads:

“Winners aren’t losers.  They’re winners — like me!  A loser’s a loser.  Which one will you be?  Winners do deals and winners get rich!  While sad little losers just sit there and b__ch!  The dog is a loser and frankly I pity it.  The dog did bad deals.  This dog is an idiot.

And poor Mr. Bear, he must feel like a loser, valet-ing that 2006 PT Cruiser!  This lobster’s a loser.  Throw him in the pot.  I like a lobster who doesn’t get caught!

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Those losers are failures who get nothing done.  Just do what I do and you’ll be number one!  Now here are some frogs I do not like at all.  We must kick these frogs out and then build a wall!

Oh the places you’ll go on your yacht!  On your plane!  With your suits from Milan!  And your wives from Ukraine!  Oh the buildings you’ll build!  Oh, the wealth you’ll amass!  Oh the people around you all kissing your a_s!

There are two kinds of people which one will you be?  A loser like them?  Or a winner like me?”

Of course the scenarios in each page of the book were poking fun at Trump’s proposed policies, but Trump took it in stride and with a smile on his face.

Evidently, Trump loved the book so much that he took a selfie with his granddaughter and himself reading the book together.  The photo was recently posted on Trump’s facebook and Instagram pages, both all smiles.  The caption of the photo reads, “Thank you @jimmykimmel for the great book. Grandpa @realdonaldtrump is making good use of it!!! A little reading with Chloe Sophia.  #WinnersArentLosers  Start them young raise them right. !!!#trump2016#makeamericagreatagain #trumptrain@jimmykimmellive”

The Facebook page photo got nearly eight thousand comments, mostly in support of Trump and the sense of humor he has in poking fun of himself.

One user, Jason Diaz wrote, “This Latino is for Trump.  Build the wall.  Thanks!”

Another user, Caroline Gerdes Vaden wrote,  “Have you ever noticed how delightfully loving and sweet people are when they’re photographed with a little child or someone they love? That’s the very best picture I’ve seen of Donald. Trump for a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year – oh, an President, too!”