LIBERATING ELDER – Considering the fact that there has been absolutely zero evidence produced implicating Russia in any form of interference to benefit Donald in our elections, Trump has been pretty laid back about the baseless mud slinging going on in the Government and Media right now.  Obama continues to use the CIA as a political tool in the effort to delegitimize Trumps Presidency before it even begins.  Finally Trump has had ENOUGH.

After the Globalist owned RINO’s in the Senate, lead by Stockholm Syndrome victim John McCain and clear homosexual (not that there is anything wrong with that) Lindsey Graham, spent the week trotting out their bought and paid for ‘Intelligence Community’ assets to speak in generalities, in an effort to keep the Neo-McCarthyism afloat, last night Obama got a briefing from the CIA that was supposed to detail the ‘Russian Hacking’ of our election. Trump was scheduled to receive the same briefing the very next day.  However, Obama and his assets in the CIA decided to spit in Trump’s face and leak the document to the globalist owned media before the meeting with Trump.

This is the type of stuff that happens in 3rd world African nations.  Some 2 bit Dictator gets power through a cult of personality and does everything he can before his term is up to undermine his replacement with the hopes that he may continue to rule.


The CIA bitches and whines that Trump puts no faith in what they say, all while they are constantly working behind his back to undermine his Presidency before it even begins.  Trump finally had enough and took to Twitter to expose the CIA & Obama’s bullshit to the world.

I do not think anyone can question it was most likely Obama who gave the order to leak the Top Secret report to the NBC, the company he basically nationalized during his first term.

The CIA and Obama administration continue to lay the ground work for the justified FIRING OF EVERY LAST MEMBER OF THE CIA.  It is time we rebuild our Intel community, replacing the deep state Globalist white shoe boys with American Nationalist Patriots and Oath Keepers.

When you have a rouge organization working against the incoming President who will leak Top Secret Reports claiming Putin hacked the election for Trump to newspapers owned and controlled by their bought and paid for asset, Jeff Bezos, but will not show the report to Congress.

The CIA lied about/covered up at the very least, the 9/11 attacks, lied about Saddam and WMDS’, lied about ISIS, lied about who Obama really is, JFK, Operation Mockingbird …. the list is endless.  This is not a trustworthy organization and thus can not be trusted with any power, never mind uncheck, unlimited power.

Who do you trust to do what is in America’s best interest, Donald Trump or the White Shoe Boys of the CIA? The time has come to pick one, the future of the Republic is in the balance.