Trump is Doing Away With California’s ILLEGAL ALIEN Program, Leading to DEPORTATION

KIRSTERS BASISH| 2017 has left California as a state with nothing compelling people to migrate to. The vast majority of inhabitants at this time are Mexico natives, and if it were up to the liberals this wouldn’t be changing anytime soon. Left-wingers have made it possible for Mexico to repossess almost the entire state of California in a few short years. The reasoning behind the madness is simple. More Mexican immigrants ensures more voters for the left-wing politicians.

Ever since President Trump has been in office lawmakers from California have been encouraging more Mexicans to hop the boarder and join the cause of the liberal party. All of that is about to change. Trumps plans on using federal government power to disable California from allowing more illegals in and protecting the ones that have already found their way into the state. 

Right Wing News reported that Trump’s budget proposal has more to it than meets the eye. There are strategic cuts that focus on government subsidies to states (such as California) that are actually housing prisoners who are also illegal immigrants. Does it really make sense to pay to house people who aren’t even U.S. citizens who are also committing all sorts of crimes in our country?

Unfortunately for California liberals this comes as a huge loss of support. A huge percentage of illegal immigrants in the state are also inmates. The same cut was unsuccessful twenty years ago. The governor of California at the time, Pete Wilson, was ahead of his time, already complaining like liberals today, claiming that the cut was unfair.

Wilson stated:

“The intent of federal law is unequivocal. The federal government must either reimburse the state at a fair rate for the incarceration of any undocumented inmate which it identifies or… take the burden of incarceration off the state’s hands.”

The real issue that we are seeing is that these leftists continue to encourage and promote illegal immigration into the U.S. We shouldn’t be allowing these felons into our country in the first place. Our tax dollars are going to support people who are in our country illegally… oh yeah, and in prison.

Approximately $210 million will be saved by getting rid of this one single program. More so than that, it will further limit the number of illegals coming into our country. California will no longer be able to keep taking in more and more illegal aliens. This will force them to give up any illegals to the Federal government. They will then be deported.

According to the Justice Department, California’s state government was given $44.1 million out of 2015’s federal budget. Another $12.8 million was funded to California counties. The largest local subsidy was $3 million which was granted to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. This department is notorious for the protection of illegal immigrants.

More than a third of the country’s entire program’s budget went to California. No state came anywhere near close to that. Are we seeing the problem here? Basically, the political agenda of the far-left liberals in California is costing all American tax payers tons of money. The other issue is that by allowing California to have this type of budget we are enabling refuge for criminals.

By cutting the program Trump is showing that he will no longer tolerate the way California has been using our tax payer’s money. Trump will need to put even more pressure on California to cease the influx of illegal immigration, and it seems like he has every intention of doing so.