BAISH| We’ve been trying to tell the Left that their idea of open borders just isn’t going to work, but they can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls. We are constantly hearing stories about Muslim Refugees having trouble assimilating into American culture. Most Muslims who are having trouble living with American culture are unwilling to fit into our society.

The scary thing is, it’s not just adult refugees who are having trouble. Refugee CHILDREN are now threatening JIHAD. This is unacceptable and changes must be made immediately or we will see grave consequences all over our country.

One elementary school teacher in Australia was actually THREATENED by her 5th and 6th grade Muslim refugee students. They even threatened to BEHEAD her. This isn’t some sick joke. This is how Muslims are raising their children, and the Left wants us to keep letting them into our country.

The video below shows one news network’s account of the story:

It was reported that the Muslim students were angry with their school because she didn’t allow them to hang a Syrian flag in the building. They were also angry that the Quran wasn’t being read by the other students in the school. The teacher ended up quitting her job because the vicious death threats were too much for her to handle. Other teachers took leaves of absence after Muslim students threatened and bullied them as well.

It’s time to start taking our borders more seriously. When refugees come into another country they are expected to do what they can to fit into that country’s culture. We can’t stand idly by while children turn to Jihadism and threaten other people. Islam just isn’t a culture that jives well with America, and that’s a fact.