Portland Antifa Protester Harasses Black Guy. Gets DROPPED! [VIDEO]

So Antifa is still a thing. In case you’re wondering (we weren’t) what they’ve been up to lately, it’s mostly whinage and violence (see Back to Berkeley: AntiFa Leftists Brutally Attack Trump Supporters). Speaking of which, take a peek at what happened when these wimpy Portland Antifa protesters came across a black man. SPOILER: There wasn’t very much tolerance.

It wouldn’t be an Antifa story if it didn’t include aggressive milquetoast…

The video description reads:

A white male Portland Antifa member assaults a black male. Other Antifa members try to shield video cameras so the assault can not be captured on film. The Antifa tranny throws a very weak punch and then gets beat up. Other Antifa scream hysterically and seem confused.

Firstly, imagine if a conservative were berating a black guy like this? Methinks the public reaction would be much different. But because it’s Antifa diaperwads doing the harassment, they get a pansy pass.

Also, you were likely confused as to the gender of this bitter impling. Well, wonder no more. Apparently that hoarse crone is a “woman.” Surprise! Not in the traditional sense, of course, but one of its fellow Antifa eventually makes it clear that this pony-tailed, pottymouthed gorgon identifies as a lady.

Lady or not, Madam Testicles got the estrogen knocked out of her when the man she was aggressing finally took her to the ground. By the way, kudos to this dude for showing restraint as long as he did. That smackdown was a long time coming, and absolutely warranted at that. READ MORE