It Turns Out The ‘Feminist’ ANTIFA Girl Who Got Punched In The Face Is A Porn ‘Star’

VIA| By now, Louise Rosealma, the ANTIFA chick who claimed she was going to go to the Berkeley Pro-Trump rally to ‘bring back 100 Nazi scalps’, is a viral sensation, but for all the wrong reasons.

Millions of Internet users LOLed this weekend as ANTIFA Louise get socked in the face, full force, sending her to the hospital, as her and her fascists little brat cohorts get a rude awakening from Patriots who aren’t going to take it anymore.

Turns out, Mrs. Rosealma, who claims to be a feminist, has an alter ego. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Venus Rosales, a hairy adult model and porn star.

Venus Rosales poses nude and masturbates while showing her various unshaved parts, a real proper role model for the modern, 3rd wave feminist movement.

The real shame of it all is, Louise Rosealma was once a beautiful, happy girl with her future ahead of her. That is until the mental illness called liberalism infested her frontal lobe, rendering her into this angry, hairy, soulless and sad, third rate porn star. So sad.

Parents, don’t let liberalism happen to you kids. Let this be a life warning.