TRUMP JUST FIRED EVERYONE! Washington Elite FREAKING OUT Over What Trump Just Did!

LIBERATING ELDER – Donald Trump just showed the entire world that he is DEAD SERIOUS about draining the swamp.  The President Elect’s latest move should be a clear signal to the world that there is a new boss in Washington and he in not playing games.

According to theNew York Times, Trump has ordered every last Ambassador installed by Obama to return to the US before his inauguration.  Upon their return they will all be FIRED and replaced by men and women vetted by the Tump Administration as Patriots who put America first.

The Times is reporting that Obama’s Ambassadors received what amounts to their pink slips only days before Christmas on the 23rd of December.  Insiders say that this break from precedent, allowing no grace period during the transition to the Trump administration has ambassadors freaking out.

This move should signal to the American people that Trump knows there is a wide spread cancer within our government and the only way to deal with it, and kill it, is to remove the whole cancer, even if that means some healthy tissue must go to be sure the threat is removed.

If this is any indication of how serious Trump is about ‘Draining the Swamp’ we may be witnessing the rebirth of our Republic.

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