18 Photos That Are Simply Fascinating

August 9, 2015 0

VIA| The Internet is incredible. It has something that will appeal to everyone. It’s always there for you, it’ll always answer your questions and it never fails to entertain. There’s nothing better than pictures, and

Media Report July 25th 2015

July 25, 2015 0

ELDER PATRIOT – Marco Rubio was questioning Secretary of State John Kerry yesterday during a Senate committee reviewing the Iran nuclear deal.  Rubio’s question revealed more about his view of our government’s responsibility than Kerry’s

Post-Constitutional Governance

June 21, 2015 0

ELDER PATRIOT – The Supreme Court will be handing down their final 11 decisions of this year’s term, proclaiming what is and what isn’t Constitutional this week.  The decisions will be accompanied by rejoicing and angst

Report: Obamacare in California is Bankrupt

April 26, 2015 0

ELDER PATRIOT – Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee is warning of the insolvency of the state’s Obamacare exchange.  Mr. Lee’s concern is being confirmed by the state’s auditor. Mr. Lee and the agency’s board

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