Shock Poll: Trump +10 In Wisconsin.

ELDER PATRIOT – A new poll released by the respected ARG polling group shows Donald Trump holding a 10-point lead over Ted Cruz.  If this is accurate Ted Cruz’s campaign will be on life support

Which God Does Ted Cruz Worship???

ELDER PATRIOT – Fifty religious leaders in Wisconsin have endorsed Ted Cruz for president this past week.  These religious leaders are taking their cue from Pope Francis and the sharp left turn towards liberation theology

Ted Cruz Is Stumping For Paul Ryan

ELDER PATRIOT – Over the past couple of months as the Republican field of candidates winnowed itself Ted Cruz began calling for those still in the race to drop out as their mathematical chances to

Investigative Report Quotes Expert Election Hacker

ELDER PATRIOT – For eight years expert political hacker and election “rigger” Adres Sepulveda was a paid political operative who conducted cyber warfare for his clients throughout Latin America. Sepulveda did everything in his power

Ted Cruz’s Mommy Moment

ELDER PATRIOT  – Yesterday, as questions about Ted Cruz’s infidelity continued to plague him, a Daily News reporter gave him a chance to put the allegations to rest once and for all when he asked

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