Lyin’ Ted Part 4

April 19, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – Ted Cruz and his establishment allies keep telling us that Trump cannot win the general election.  They point to polls that show Hillary Clinton beating Trump by approximately nine points.  They conveniently

28 Pages of 9/11 Report Threatens To Bring Down The GOP

April 18, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – During the debate preceding the South Carolina primary, Donald Trump promised to release the 28 pages that had been redacted from the 9/11 Commission Report. When questioned shortly afterwards at a campaign

GOP To Voters: Your Vote Doesn’t Mean Shit

April 17, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – The establishment elites who own and operate the Republican Party are working overtime to convince Americans that a strong political ground game is more important than the will of the people.  The

Obama Administration Begins Exiling Democracy Advocates

April 17, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – In a move that is expected from governments like China, North Korea and Russia, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has ordered Ramon Saul Sanchez to leave the country after having

Nonsense in the News

April 16, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – Last night CNN’s Anderson Cooper featured a panel discussion over Donald Trump’s charges that the nominating process is rigged.  Apparently his “experts” are free to say whatever supports their position even if

WTF? RNC Delegate Prefers Hillary For President

April 15, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – The arrogance of many of the Republican Party’s delegates is alarming. Fundamentally, their job should be to understand the will of the voters of their state or district and show up at

Lyin’ Ted Part 3

April 15, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – Ted Cruz and his supporters are clinging to their hopes that he can win the nomination through a series of backroom deals that he has been conducting across the nation and then

The Hypocrisy of Our Abortion Law

April 15, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton recently created a bit of a dust-up when she responded to an interviewer’s question about abortion by saying, “the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”  Mrs. Clinton accidently stumbled over

What In The World Is Going On?

April 14, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – What’s behind Mark Zuckerberg’s attack on Donald Trump?   Zuckerberg is a New World Order advocate who believes he is smart enough to tell the rest of us how to live.  To

#NeverTrump Movement Now Infects Fox Business Network

April 11, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – “Rules are rules” so says Fox Business Network anchor Neil Cavuto, but only when they work against Donald Trump, apparently. This morning Cavuto could barely conceal his satisfaction with the Colorado GOP

Ted Cruz: “I’m Winning. Really, I’m Winning!

April 9, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – The only hope for Republican Elites to keep the nomination for themselves is to drag us into a contested convention.  This requires stripping Donald Trump of every delegate possible to prevent him

Cruz’s Campaign Manager Tells Trump To Drop Out

April 9, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – Ted Cruz’s campaign is so desperate to find a path to the nomination that they’ve asked the runaway delegate leader to drop out.  This actually happened yesterday when Cruz’s campaign manager Jeff

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