Bush’s Money Supply Drys Up

ELDER PATRIOT – Jeb Bush’s father and brother both loved spending other people’s money.    Jeb’s dad, George Herbert Walker Bush, followed Ronald Reagan as president and raised taxes rather than cut government spending.  Not

The Suicide of The Democratic Party’s Oligarchy

ELDER PATIOT – Yesterday’s successful power play at the Democratic National Committee meeting by the Clinton machine betrays the party hierarchy’s willingness to lose the 2016 presidential election in favor of the Clintons’ desire to

The Republican Party Chooses Suicide Over Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – With each successive attack they make on Donald Trump two things become more obvious about the Elitists running the Republican Party and both serve to prove what an increasing number of us

Mob Wars: Clintons v Obamas

ELDER PATRIOT – As the top capos vie to become the Don of the Democratic Party one boss is proving to be quite resilient.  Despite numerous scandals, any one of which would’ve brought down someone

Media Report August 28th 2015

ELDER PATRIOT – The Blaze reports that, “Hillary Clinton has compared the GOP candidates to terrorists for their views about women.”  Mrs. Clinton must be becoming unhinged because this comparison highlights a level of hypocrisy

The Despicable Mrs. Clinton

ELDER PATRIOT – During times of an earlier Clinton scandal then First Lady Hillary Clinton made the rounds on television complaining that there was a vast right-wing conspiracy out to get her husband.  She never

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