Tucker Carlson Replaces Megyn Kelly at 9PM, Look What Happens INSTANTLY…

YC| Tucker Carlson replaced Greta Van Susteren in the Fox News primetime lineup and his show immediately became a smash hit.

He has delivered interview after interview exposing the hypocrisy and pomposity (my new favorite word thanks to Tucker) of the left.

The show was going so well that Fox decided to give Tucker Megyn Kelly’s coveted 9 PM slot after she went to NBC.

Great move right?

Well, some liberals out there don’t really think so.

Because sexism or something…

Here’s your daily dose of racism and intolerance from the left.

Aw man.  Can you believe Fox hired a white guy? Ugh. White people are the worst right?

What is with these people?

Want to know why we are divided?

Nonsense like this.

It’s just sad to watch people smear someone they have probably never met simply because of his race or gender.

Isn’t that exactly what the left claims they are opposed to?