Black Lives Matter Went Brutal On A White Reporter…They Didn’t Know The Cameras Were Reporting LIVE! [VIDEO]

YIR| Black Lives Matter have been trying to get the media’s attention, but every time they speak is nothing but racism, inequality, and segregation. People can’t even imagine that this group helps this country’s racial divide.

A reporter for Fox News was assaulted by the BLM group when he was trying to cover a BLM rally. Unfortunately for them, this was all caught on video.

Sounds a lot like Bernie Sanders protesters at Trump Rallies doesn’t it?

This is the part that the radical left doesn’t want to talk about. We are talking about people who say mean things and humiliate, instead of fighting for equality they are just making things worse.

You were born in a country that allows you to do whatever you want and become anything you want. If you keep blaming others for your problems and no do anything to fix them, then nothing will ever happen and you’ll perpetuate the same garbage that’s been happening to you for decades.