DUUUUUUUUDE! This guy is about as badass as it gets! Is this the future of fighting Islam, privatized militia men with their own attach choppers?  If so sign me up!
I wonder how much it would be for a bomber …

MILO Bulgarian ‘migrant hunter’ Dinko Valev has purchased a helicopter gunship to look for potential Jihadis posing as migrants.

The attack compliments his amphibious assault vehicles, tattoos, and ATV’s.

Dinko Valev is a former semi-pro wrestler with some pretty cool tattoos. Now, he’s a ‘migrant hunter’ who claims to have immunity from the Bulgarian government to hunt down and detain potential Jihadi migrants entering Bulgaria.

Dinko Valev has a lot of toys like ATVs and armored amphibious assault vehicles, but he’s adding something new to his collection – a legit attack helicopter.

It isn’t 100% known whether or not the guns on the helicopter are operational, but one thing is certain — they are there.

The menacing chopper adds to Dinko’s immeasurable levels of badassery.

You can check out his Facebook page to see him riding his horse, playing with his helicopter, or drinking with his friends. Bulgaria isn’t the only European country that is having to beef up border security. In fact, Hungary has decided to start building army bases along their borderand have even built two walls along the border as well – all in hopes of keeping out migrants from Turkey just like our friend Dinko Valev.

Watch this video Dinko Valev posted to Facebook of him checking out his new toy…

Dinko Valev uploaded this photo of the new chopper to Facebook:

ISIS has even put a $50,000 bounty on him, according to Daily Mail.  READ MORE