ALLEN WEST| The United States has responded to the crossing of a red line, the use of chemical weapons in Syria. There will be no more empty rhetoric but rather action. This strike went about attacking Assad’s chemical weapons delivery systems, aerial systems. This was a targeted strike operation that seeks to ensure such a heinous attack does not happen again. This is a critical action and clearly sends a message to Russia and Iran, both major supporters of Assad. We, and the world cannot sit back and watch chemical weapon attacks against innocent civilians, especially children. And this isn’t about engaging in any sort of ground combat assault, but seeking to degrade the capability and capacity of Assad to launch such attacks.

What we must find impressive is the immediate action, unlike the previous administration that focused on obfuscation, denial, and dismissal. As well, this attack comes after President Trump’s meeting with several key leaders in the Middle East from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt. My assessment is that if anyone is to take ground action, then let it be those nations, but we can assist by attacking specified centers of gravity.

As well, this sends a clear message to China’s President Xi Jinping and Kim Jung Un, interestingly enough as the former is here for meetings. There are certain people in the world who only comprehend strength, and our allies now can understand that we can be trusted. Now, there are several air bases in Syria under the control of Assad, this was only 50 missiles delivered at one of those bases. The message is clear: use sarin gas again and we will strike another air base.

The left can say what they will, but I think the whole conversation about Trump’s collusion with Vladimir Putin and the Russians has been put to rest. And what progressive socialist doesn’t agree with this action?