Republican Opponent HUMILIATES Maxine Waters in Epic Campaign Stunt. Waters Pissed Beyond Words.

News outlets are reporting that professional corrupt politician, Maxine Waters is so angry, she cant even see straight.

Politicians have their normal bag of tricks. They use PR stunts, planned events, and even planned (not planned) disruption to get attention.

Over the past three decades, the same old tired stories are easy to spot. That’s where a regular American comes in and brings news ideas to the Political landscape. Enter, Omar Navarro he just announced his campaign against the Globalist elite Maxine Waters a Democrat who has grown rich while she works on a Congressman’s salary.

The way he did it is sure to set the tone of his entire campaign. He gathered up a handful of his supporters and hit the road.

They all gathered for his formal announcement to run for office. The best part is, he was standing right in front of Maxine Waters’ “Gated Home.”

In others words, there are no confusions about Maxine Waters or her millions in wealth. This man is actually speaking truth to power. This may have been a “stunt,” but it was an honest stunt.

What do you think about this announcement? SOURCE