This Woman Is Accusing Bolling of Sexual Harassment But LOOK What Was Just Discovered About Her…

BAISH| Authorities have confirmed that Fox News hose Eric Bolling is facing accusations of sending explicit photos of male genitals to female coworkers a number of years ago. Although, it is obvious that an investigation will need to be conducted on the matter, there are some interesting details that link this case with that of former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.

Bolling has been suspended for the time being while investigators go back and search records for their case. A law firm, Paul Weiss, is conducting the full investigation as not to mesh with business at Fox News. Substitutes will take over for Bolling during the time of his suspension.

Another accusation came about on Saturday evening. A woman came forward accusing Bolling of sexually harassing her. It happened to be the same woman that accused Bill O’Reilly months ago, Professor Wendy Walsh. She also claimed that television executive, Woody Fraser, had sexually harassed her as well. The allegations of “sexual harassment” don’t state that the men actually physically touched her inappropriately. The allegations just state that the men were “sexist” towards her in one way or another. So, my disclaimer for what you’re about to read is simply that one person may interpret something as sexist while another just sees it as a completely harmless comment and not enough to ruin someone’s entire career over.

The following is what she said about Bolling’s actions:

“Bolling referred to me as ‘Dr.McHottie’ on air on four different occasions, and called me ‘smart, beautiful, and wrong’ on air twice. I pushed back with ‘Mr. McSexist,’ but I shouldn’t have had to. This on-air behavior was perfectly acceptable to Fox executives at the time.

Bolling would also contact me via phone and text after shows, sometimes to apologize for his behavior (and then do it again), and sometimes just to talk. He said he wanted to fly me out to New York for in-studio hits and to have “fun.” He asked me to have meals with him on several occasions, but I found excuses not to go. Once, he took me up to his office in New York, showed me his baseball jerseys, and in the brief time I was there, let me know that his office was his favorite place to have sex. I know other women have had similar experiences with Bolling, which means that lots of folks at Fox knew about his behavior well before 2017. Bolling was one of three men from whom I experienced sexual harassment and gender discrimination (the others being Bill O’Reilly and Woody Fraser).”

And here is the statement she made when she first accused Bill O’Reilly:

“O’Reilly was creepy in person; told me ‘when I was in college, professors didn’t look like you’, then called me ‘hysterical’ during a show, edited the interview, and retaliated by never having me on the show again.”

Is Dr. Walsh just being a sensitive Liberal who needs a safe space and special treatment from men, or is she justified in being inherently angry at these men for “harassing” her?