VIA| The latest victim to the liberal machine and former Fox News host will receive a maximum of one-year’s salary, CNBC reported, and a person with some inside knowledge with his contract says his yearly salary is worth about $25 million.

CNN also reported the O’Reilly’s contract is worth $25 million, but he will receive the full amount. CNN managed to place the payout at “tens of millions.”

“It is a staggering amount,” said CNN quoted a source personally involved in the exit discussions.

His forced exodus from Fox News follows a New York Times report (hit job) elaborating on $13 million in payouts to five women over his alleged abusive sexual behavior, according to the newspaper. More than 50 advertisers abandoned his show after the accusations became public.

Meanwhile, O’Reilly and Fox News representatives are not acknowledging his personal payout, CNN reported, “the two are limited on what they can say due to a confidentiality agreement,” CNN said.

O’Reilly had recently signed a new contract before he was forced out of Fox News, the sources stated to CNN. The contract was scheduled to end sometime in either late 2020 or 2021.

O’Reilly has been slandered and abused by the media and vicious lies about his personal character. The money will help, but it doesn’t repair his ruined professional reputation. It’s embarrassing that Fox News caved to liberal pressure.

The allegations were never proven, just hearsay. There have been people like Glenn Beck in defense of Bill O’Reilly stating that he has a sterling work ethic and never made a pass at anyone. He was a media giant and helped cut through the awful mainstream media lies that were shoved down the throat of the average American citizen.