With Scalise Fighting For His LIfe, HuffPo Writer Posts DESPICABLE TERRORISTIC Threat

VIA| The victim of a vicious attack that made worldwide headlines yesterday, U.S. House Representative Steve Scalise remains in a Washington-area hospital in critical condition today, but that’s not enough to stop the hateful, intolerant left from taking the harshest of shots at him.

Just days before the attack Jesse Benn, a writer for the Huffington Post wrote a piece inciting liberals to violence against Trump.

The article, updated on June 6th, says “There’s an inherent value in forestalling Trump’s normalization. Violent resistance accomplishes this.” As CNS News reported, Benn calls anti-violence liberals ignorant and misguided because they refuse to accept the proven value of violent resistance:

“They misunderstand the desired outcome from violent resistance and those protesting Trump in general. And third, they ignore the history of successful violent insurrection in the US, instead favoring the elementary school version of history in which nonviolence is the only means of struggle that’s ever achieved a thing.”

Is it any surprise then, that Benn should double down after violence is actually used against Trump supporters?

Yes, this is the kind, tolerant, inclusive left.  On his Twitter profile Benn describes himself as a “Member of the intolerant Left” and tosses in a little antifa nod by adding “No war but class war.”  In the immediate aftermath of the Scalise shooting this compassionate liberal tweeted:

In other words shooting and taking out the opposition one-at-a-time is ineffective, i.e., will take too long. The #Resistance needs to be better organized, i.e., get higher body counts when we strike.

Real class act this coward is.

As one would expect, Benn’s twitter hate drew an immediate firestorm of attention from both liberals and conservatives alike as people attempted to point out to the man just how cold and callous he’s being towards a man who was just gunned down.

Having none of it Benn retorted with this ditty:

Right out of the new-left-in-America’s playbook.  When you’re losing an argument, when your own words have done you in and here’s nowhere else to turn – pull out the race card. It’s doubtful Benn can name a single bit of legislation Rep. Scalise has authored that is inherently racist (because there isn’t any) but for the Benns of the world that doesn’t matter. There’s an “R” after Scalise’s last name so that in and of itself makes him a racist. He further clarifies that shooting a racist is perfectly ok in his book.

The left in America, and for the record – Benn is clearly to the left of the left — just can’t figure this out. Not only is he more a part of the reason attacks like yesterday’s occur than any of Donald Trump’s policies, he’s also the reason the left is losing so badly and why Trump won in the first place.

In a sort of poetic justice, Benn and his ilk are destroying his own ideology’s hopes for success.

You’ve got just sixteen Democrat governors left in America, liberals. And with cretins like Jesse Benn on the loose spreading their brand of hate, intolerance and general nastiness, you’re well on the way south of even that number. Keep it up, Jesse Benn. Keep it up. It’s working just great.